Bed Bug Solutions

Action Now Inc. provides you with the best methods of dealing with pesky bed bugs directly to your door. Using the newest technology, we offer Bed Bug Detection services exclusive to Action Now Inc. as well as a method to directly remove bed bugs from your furniture and household items.

Bed Bug Detection Dog

We use a specially trained detection dog to find the location of infestations that the human eye couldn't find without assistance. This allows us to ensure that your infestation will be taken care of without further visits or complications.


Specialized Four Step Bed Bug Elimination System:

1) The Certified Bed Bug Dog. He inspects house or business and informs us where the bed bugs are.

2) Infested / Removable items are placed in our specialized heat chamber and heated for a specified time and temperature to kill all stages of bed bugs.

3) Affected areas of the home are treated with a spray treatment to further ensure we have eliminated the problem.

4) We follow up 10 days later to re-spray and ensure that the job is completed.

This four step system to eliminating bed bugs is not only the preferred way fix your bed bug problem, it is more cost effective than other methods.
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